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iCap Leverage Inc.


Charles Idol Asset Liability Managment
This is a compact disc which runs a flash presentation that may be viewed by managment or board of directors. The navigation provides the ability to review specific sections, like loan rate recommendations with the marketing committee, or ALM outlook with the Finance committee
Generational Marketing for Financial Institutions
Our Youth Financial Training program inspires parents to enroll, gets the young person set up with lifelong accounts, and gets them financial training delivered in short, youth designed format.
The results are increased youth client base, and decreased chance of young people getting into financial difficulty due to lack of knowledge of basic money management concepts.
Stock Footage and Pictures
iCap is proud to offer stock footage and pictures for exclusive use.
Don't have what you need? We'll be happy to obtain the footage in
full 1080i HD.
A presentation is given today.

“iCap” it.

Everyone can see it anywhere in the world tomorrow, with built in access to the content experts for Q&A.